First Post!


I have always had a somewhat addictive personality.  I have always enjoyed collecting things – when I was a kid it was coins and key rings, a portion of my teens was dedicated to Beanie Babies, 20s-onward I was consumed by the need to own every vinyl release that Green Day ever put out (still a work in progress).  Then I got hooked on baking.  And make up.  The list goes on, and there are boxes of things in my attic that can be used to back this up.  If you happen to stumble across the box full of Backstreet Boys videos/ magazine clippings/ stickers don’t judge me, 14 year old me was desperately in love with Nick Carter.

A constant in all of this was my love of television shows and music.  Once I get into a band/ artist/ show I go all-out.  I buy all the albums.  I collect all the DVD/ Blu Ray box sets.  If I happen to take a shine to one of the actors in a show, I use IMDB to research their work history and begin to collect them as well (see: Milo Ventimiglia, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Connie Britton).  Pretty sure by this stage I’ve made my point.  Not that I’m really sure what my point might be exactly.

I’m almost certain there will be posts in the future dedicated to whatever show/ album/ artist I am currently obsessing over, so if that is something you think you might want some random internet person’s worthless opinions on then I hope you stick around to see where this is going to go.  I just remember loving to write and somewhere along the way it got sidelined for one reason or another…


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