My Current Addiction to Podcasts


Well, I have just fallen deep into the podcast rabbit hole.  I have a couple of blogs sitting in drafts about the podcasts I listen to but I’m not sure when I’ll publish them since my podcast listening is spiraling out of control at the minute.

I recently skimmed through a Buzzfeed listicle about podcasts that you should be listening to and one of them was a podcast called Homecoming.  Homecoming is the first fiction podcast I’ve listened to – I have mostly listened to TV recap or interview podcasts up until now.  Anyway, Homecoming boasts the voice talents of actors like Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer, Oscar Isaac, Amy Sedaris and David Cross.  All of this sucked me in and guys, it was pretty darn good!  It’s about a woman named Heidi (Keener) who used to work at a government facility working with soldiers with PTSD.  The podcast switches between current day, where Heidi works in a diner and then back to when she worked with the Homecoming Institute (in the form of recordings of her therapy sessions with soldiers and phone calls with her asshole boss Colin).  None of the episode run over 35 minutes which makes for a quick but very satisfying listen.

So Homecoming gave me the fiction podcast bug.  To Google I went!  After a few minutes I had more to add to my catalogue.  The Message.  Life After.  Limetown.  Welcome to Nightvale.

I started with The Message.  This one is about a team of specialists deciphering a possibly alien message from the 40s.  The Message has 8 episodes, none clocking in above 30 minutes, so again, it’s a quick listen and it was SO GOOD.  Equal measures of intrigue and creepiness.  Life After is from the same production team.  It’s about an FBI agent who listens to his dead wife’s social media voice posts to cope with his grief.  Soon he finds he is able to communicate with her through them, promised that he would be able to reunite with her if he helps get information from the FBI offices where he works.  Is it really his wife?  Is there something more sinister afoot?  Listen and find out!

From here I went to Limetown.  Journalist Lia Haddock is going over evidence of a town where, 10 years ago, all the inhabitants suddenly disappeared.  Soon she is contacted by a woman claiming to be a survivor who has new information.  This leads to threats, creepy encounters and mysterious deaths.

Today I hit Google again in search of more (though I have not listened to all of Welcome to Nightvale – it started in 2012, so there are more than 100 in the catalogue to get through!) but I have added 90+ episodes to my podcast app: Within the Wires, The Black Tapes, The Bright Sessions, ars Paradoxica, Alice Isn’t Dead, The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air), The Deep Vault.  So much material to listen to!


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