Pokemon K-Beauty!

As I do most days, I was looking through my YouTube subscriptions and stumbled across a Korean beauty collection that had slipped under my radar!  I’ve tried quite a few Tony Moly products, mostly skin care, through Memebox and have since ordered more face masks on Amazon.  So when I saw a video reviewing a Tony Moly Pokemon collection I got very excited.

Let me preface this by saying I was never really a Pokemon fan.  It came along when I was younger but to my memory it was at that time when I deemed myself too cool for Pokemon, it was for babies.  Imagine then my surprise when Pokemon Go exploded onto the planet last summer and at the age of 32 I became completely obsessed with catching them all.

Add this to my already pretty intense obsession with makeup and you can imagine what my watch list on eBay currently looks like.  Look at it though!


It’s so cute!  Look at the packaging!  It’s all Pikachu-y and Jigglypuff-y!tony-moly-x-pokemon-facial-washpokemon-masks

Foam cleansers!  And sheet masks, you guys!

There are also a bunch of other items – nail polish, peel off masks (with Diglets on it!), pore strips, mascara, toner, the list goes on.  When all my items arrive I might do a little haul post.


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