My Utter Obsession with Colourpop Cosmetics

I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on the Colourpop website since they announced they would be shipping worldwide in July last year.  It started off as a slow burn, I think there are a couple of months between my first and second orders, but after that it spiraled wildly out of control.  Even more so when they released a collaboration with Hello Kitty…


I literally bought every item in the release.

I think that was the turning point.  That’s when the hooks really sank in.  You see, the thing about Colourpop is that it is so incredibly reasonably priced.  Single eyeshadow?  $5. Liquid listick?  $6.  The most expensive item I can think of that they sell are blush and highlighters for $8 (aside from eyeshadow quads/ palettes).  Add to that free international shipping when you spend $50 and I am basically your bitch.

I have gone from having 7 super shock shadows (their original shadow formula – they now have pressed powders available at $5 per pan as well) in July 2016 to 50+ super shock shadows as of December 2016.  I know I have a problem.  I get a lecture from friends and family that is usually sung to the tune of “why does 1 person need so many eyeshadows/ lipsticks/ palettes/ makeup in general??  You only have 1 face/ 2 eyes.. etc etc”.

Here’s the thing: I’m not the type of person who goes out on the town every weekend.  I don’t have a car.  I’m single, with no children.  I have a steady job and even a casual second job working at a local arena when there are concerts/ events on.  At this stage of my life, why can’t I just enjoy being able to feed this addiction which isn’t hurting anyone?

I do highly recommend Colourpop to anyone who hasn’t tried their products.  Great prices, the metallic super shock shadows are so crazy good.  Their products are cruelty free, a lot of them are vegan (they have a list of all non-vegan items in their FAQ section).  So if you’re curious to try definitely go for it!  Orders over $30 get free domestic shipping in the US and over $50 for free international shipping.  Split the cost between some friends if you only want to try a few items!

Recommended items:

  • Super Shock Shadows (particularly the metallic/ glittery shades) – obviously.  How many times have I mentioned them so far??  These are not your regular powder eyeshadows.  They exist somewhere in the cream/ gel/ mousse realm.  Best applied with your finger for maximum pigment but are easily blendable with a fluffy synthetic brush
  • Ultra Satin lipstick – liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry all the way matte.  Very comfortable and surprisingly long lasting for not being liquid to matte (the Ultra Matte lipstick is a bit hit and miss.  Some of the shades are so crumbly, to an offputting degree)
  • Lippie sticks – CP’s version of a traditional lipstick.  Huge variety of colours and finishes.  The Matte X and Creme formulas are my personal favourites
  • Creme Gel Liner – gel pencil eyeliners.  Work amazingly in the waterline, variety of colours and come in matte or metallic finishes
  • Ultra Glossy Lips – CP’s lip gloss.  Now, I am not a lip gloss kind of a girl.  I find it sticky and heavy, I hate when it’s windy outside and 3 seconds after walking out the door you have all of your hair stuck to your face.  So, while I don’t wear it all the time I would like to recommend the CP formula.  Not sticky at all (still don’t wear it on a windy day – there is nothing that can combat wind/ gloss/ hair mishaps).  It is almost a gel consistency when it’s on the lips.  The metallic ones are great for topping matte lipstick for a little extra something.

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