Instagram Inspiration

I promise not all of my posts will be about makeup, this one isn’t entirely about makeup, but it is makeup-adjacent.  One of the influencers/ gurus I follow on YouTube/ Instagram has posted a couple of times about an account belonging to Sergey X (@milk1422).

Sergey X is a makeup artist based in Moscow (according to the account info) and he posts the most creative facecharts.  Way beyond your regular smoky eye/ bold lip.

It is impossible to look through his posts and not want to go play with colour and placement.  He often reposts other users’ work when they recreate his charts.  You guys, it’s beautiful!

If you happen to be looking for some amazing inspiration for something you’re working on – a video, a photoshoot, costuming, special event, or if you just feel like you need a jolt of creativity, or if you just want to look at some really beautiful art, you need to scroll through his feed.


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