My Worthless Opinion on Podcasts 1

I only started listening to podcasts, maybe 2 years ago.  Before that I was an iPod devotee.  I never even really listened to the radio any more, which meant that I was listening to the same library of music for a long time.  The only time it was updated was if my favourite bands or musicians were releasing new material.  So when my friends started talking about podcasts I was excited to have something new to entertain myself with, even if I did feel like I was leaving a part of myself behind by not having my iPod on me at all times.  I’m not going to talk about all the podcasts I listen to because this post would end up being way too long and nobody will bother reading past paragraph 2, so I’ll just talk about a couple this time.

Image from Nerdist website

The first one I got into was the Nerdist Podcast.  The basic premise is that the host (Chris Hardwick) and his friends (Jonah Ray and Matt Mira) have a guest come in to have a chat.  A couple of my friends had recommended the podcast, so I downloaded a handful of the ones with guests I was a fan of.  I listened to the guys talking to Rob Lowe, Connie Britton, John Stamos, Rainn Wilson, Alicia Witt, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Nick Frost, Lauren Graham, Dexter Holland (singer of the Offspring) and so many more.  All the conversations were honest, fun and gave such a nice glimpse into the character of not just the guests, but the hosts too.  I found myself really rooting for Chris, Matt and Jonah.  When I heard of them progressing in their careers and beyond it’s great, because they seem like genuinely cool guys.

That was it.  It was all I needed to get hooked on podcasts.  Once I had listened to my backlog of Nerdist episodes I needed to find more.  So I did what any person does in this day and age – took to Google!  A quick search for “the best podcasts” lead to a few different articles being read.  Then I found it.  As soon as I saw that there was a podcast dedicated to one of my all-time favourite shows (Gilmore Girls) I knew I had found my next obsession.

 Image from Headgum website

Started in October 2014 to coincide with the release of Gilmore Girls on Netflix in US/ Canada, Kevin Porter who is a long time fan of the show, joined forces with Demi Adejuyigbe, who was a total newcomer to the world of the Gilmores and Stars Hollow.  It was around June 2015 before I found this absolute gem of a show, so I had my work cut out for me in order to catch up to their schedule (they originally released 2 episodes a week).  The guys also have a plethora of superb guests who (mostly) all share the love of the show and have even gotten to interview a large number of the original cast in their Gilmore Gabs bonus episodes.

I powered through the 95+ episodes it took me in order to be on track with the new episodes dropping on iTunes, which took about 2 months and became slightly more difficult – as time went on the length of the episodes got longer.

If you happen to be a fan of Gilmore Girls I highly recommend this to you.  It does start of a little rocky if you don’t like hearing people say negative things about a show you love, and by now there are over 200 episodes in the library, but if you want something entertaining to listen to on your morning/ evening commutes, or while you do housework, or when you’re at the gym then try this out.  I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these 2 guys talk Gilmore on the train to and from work, whether it be concealing my laughter or wiping my tears when things get poignant.

If this is something you’ve found interesting, I will be talking about other podcasts subscriptions in the future.  Thanks for reading this and if you have any recommendations for podcasts you’d like to make to me or anyone else who might read this, please do leave them in the comments.

Nerdist Podcast Website

Gilmore Guys Website


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