Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

I’m one of those people who spends crazy amounts of money on makeup.  The turning point for me was when MAC released their Archie’s Girls collection a few years back.

archies girls

 I loved the Archie comics when I was younger, any time I went back to Vancouver to visit my family I came home with a stack of comics and digests, so when I saw the Archie’s Girls collection I got REALLY excited.  The release happened to coincide with me being made redundant from my job, which meant I had my lump sum redundancy pay at my disposal. Dangerous combination.  I think I made at least 3 separate trips to the MAC counter in Belfast and perhaps even made an order from the MAC UK website…  Yeah, like I said, dangerous combination!

This is the point that I consider my trigger moment.  After this (and thanks to my continued funds from the aforementioned redundancy pay) I really started accumulating a huge collection.   It started with lipstick, then it was liquid lipstick, then eyeshadow palettes, then highlighters.  Basically, it has gotten to the stage where the most valuable thing in my house (with no exaggerating whatsoever) is my makeup collection.

So a lot of my collection goes neglected, because (like a lot of people enjoy pointing out) I only have 2 eyes, 2 lips, etc. etc. [insert eye roll emoji here].  I’ve seen a lot of these challenge tags on social media/ YouTube where people pick a palette or wear a different shade of lipstick everyday for 30 days (which I actually did myself a couple of years ago).  It got me thinking that maybe, in an effort to use more of my palettes, perhaps I could use a different palette everyday for a week at a time.  That way I can test out how versatile the palette is, it’ll challenge me to try and come up with different looks/ combinations and I can use some palettes that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time.

If this doesn’t turn out to be a massive procrastination on my part, I will attempt to post some photos of the looks I come up with on my Instagram (disclaimer: they will be shit photos, I have not mastered the art of a decent makeup photo).


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