My Little DIY Project

I saw this jacket in my local Tesco (yes I will spend a shit tonne of money on makeup butjacket1 when it comes to buying clothing I ~mostly~ buy it from Tesco, so sue me!).  I didn’t buy it right away because it was £25… yes, I will buy an eyeshadow palette for more than the cost of my rent without batting an eye, but ask me to spend money on clothes?  It takes me a while to warm up to the idea.  But!  I couldn’t stop thinking about the jacket and I was scared they’d sell out of my size and never get it in again, so I bit the bullet and made the purchase.

When I saw it, all I could think of doing was personalising it by adding pin badges and patches, so I have slowly been searching the internet for some.  So far I have made purchases from Etsy and a couple of websites I found via Instagram.

Leviticus Jewelry

Among the many items they have available, these were the first couple I purchased. Trust me, I will be going back to get more!  They have quite the selection from Golden Girls, to Stranger Things, to Twin Peaks, to Jeff Goldblum and beyond.  My purchases were limited to a Veronica Mars patch, a Team Jess pin (Gilmore Girls) and a Donna Graduates pin (Beverly Hills 90210).  They were dispatched the same day I ordered them, which is very pleasing, but have not yet arrived as they are coming from the States and I live in little ol’ Northern Ireland, but I’m very excited to add these to my jacket.

Patti Lapel

Bonus points for the name!  Their selection made it harder for me to narrow down which pins to include in my first order (yes, FIRST order.  I NEED the Can’t Hardly Wait pin, the Malibu Sands pin and perhaps the Carmen San Diego pin too…).  This order consisted of some Friday Night Lights pieces – Coach and also Riggins’ jersey (intense love and obsession of FNL – I have ‘Clear eyes, full hearts’ tattooed on my wrist), the Tai from Clueless pin where she’s doing her iconic Rollin with the Homies dance, Romy & Michele pin pack and finally the parody band badges of the male cast members from Beverly Hills 90210.


pizza pin

I got a cute little kawaii pizza badge on Etsy, UK seller so it was very quick to arrive.  Seller shop here.


And because I’m inexplicably obsessed with all things nautical, I bought a pin shaped like an anchor… With the word mermaid on it. Seriously, this is so totally up my alley it’s ridiculous (I have both a mermaid and an anchor tattooed on my arm).  Seller shop here.


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