That Time I Met Milo Ventimiglia 

So the first of my nerd conventions was a couple of weekends ago (before you go jumping down my throat for referring to it as a nerd convention, I am a proud con-goer for almost 15 years now, I’m not being disrespectful – it’s just what I call them).

My friend Buffie (real name) has been my con buddy for a good chunk of those years and we’ve gone to conventions for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow… etc, etc. as well as a few signing events locally and in Dublin and we’ve met some really great people in those adventures.

For the last 2 years we’ve gone to City of Heroes and Insurgence cons in Birmingham in May/ June, but this year we hadn’t really planned anything until Stephen Amell (Arrow) announced that his appearance at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest would also include a Nocking Point wine party (which Buffie and I had attended the 2 years previous because he lined them up with his appearance at City of Heroes), so we weren’t about to miss the 3rd annual party!  We booked VIP tickets basically as soon as they went on sale and made arrangements to go to London for the 1 day for the wine party, until I looked at the line up for HVFF…. And saw Milo Ventimiglia listed as one of the guests and promptly lost my shit.

Needless to say, that was the decision made.  We got tickets booked for the Sunday of the con and over the months following, booked our photo ops, hotel, flights (DAMN YOU BRITISH AIRWAYS – yes, it was that weekend).  Even with the total and complete cock up on BA’s part, we made it with just 2 hours of the Nocking Point party remaining, drank a bunch of free wine (and picked up my first NP Wine Club box to bring home with me) and then returned to the hotel to get rested for the con the next day.

The door they were using for entry to the event brought us in right beside Milo…  I was not prepared for that.  I’ve been a fan of his ever since Heroes, in fact it was because I found out he was in Gilmore Girls that I even started watching it and have subsequently collected a lot of his work on DVD as well as collecting the comic books he produced a few years back (in almost every variant cover released), so I was kinda shook when I walked in and he was literally the first thing I saw.  I even had to go to a couple of other autograph desks before hand to psych myself up, because honestly I thought I might get super flustered and make an idiot out of myself.

When I did go over to get his autograph (on the small stack of items I had brought with me) he was THE NICEST.  Seriously, when they say don’t meet your heroes (no pun intended) they obviously weren’t talking about Milo Ventimiglia.  His line was pretty long because he was legitimately taking his time to have conversations and listen to what people had to say to him.  He was engaged, courteous, just an all around cool dude!  So I had my Stars Hollow poster, Chosen DVD box set, Mob City press kit and the first issue of Rest comic for him to sign and he took the time to look through and talk about each item, he was lovely!

If there was anybody out there considering going to HVFF, I would definitely recommend it.  It was a well organised day, the staff were really helpful, it was well laid out, all in all a great day (even if BA cancelled the flight home and we got stranded in London an extra day).

I’m going to stop gushing about meeting him now, this post is already WAY too long, you’ve all stopped reading by this stage haven’t you?  I could probably tell you that I’m really half platypus and nobody would notice, huh?  I will leave you with some photos from the day…


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