London Film & Comic Con (AKA In Which I Fangirl About Kevin Smith)

Just back to reality after another weekend spent at a nerd convention.  Return trip to the Olympia London for Film & Comic Con 2017.  This event is HUGE every year, like they have 100+ guests from a huge range genres/ industries – actors, authors, comic book artists, WWE wrestlers, film makers… you name it, they probably have somebody who does that at the convention.img_2152

My friend and I had already booked tickets when they made the announcement that changed everything: Kevin. Smith.

I have been a fan of his ever since I was 17 and my boyfriend at the time made me watch Mallrats and almost 17 years later I still love his films.  Which made it VERY difficult in choosing which items to get signed, cuz I have a few… I own 5 different versions of Mallrats (VHS onwards though still need to get a Blu Ray copy).


I was originally only going to get 2 things signed, but of course that didn’t last long.  I decided to do a Kevin Smith movie marathon to see if it would help me narrow it down… It had the exact opposite effect.  It was soon 3 items, and then finally 4 (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Zack & Miri Make a Porno).

img_2197Not only was Kevin Smith appearing at the event but he and Scott Mosier were going to be doing a live recording to celebrate 10 years of SModcast… A ticket was IMMEDIATELY purchased.

Saturday at the con was pretty hectic, it was the busiest day of the 3 and our first day attending, so Buffie and I were busy getting photos and some of our autos in the bag so we weren’t swamped on Sunday, so I didn’t see Kevin Smith until the actual SModcast recording that evening and as soon as he walked onto the stage I had to pinch myself to make sure it was actually happening.  NEVER in a million years did I think I would EVER have the opportunity to be seeing the man behind films that had made me laugh for years in person and yet there he was. img_2328-1 Needless to say, the recording was great, it was amazing to hear those stories first hand and to hear from his mom (who is the cutest person, she was such a sweetheart as she chatted to Kevin and Scott). So I was SUPER PUMPED to meet him on Sunday, it was top priority – get into the venue on Sunday morning, head straight to Kevin Smith’s autograph queue.

And guys… He. Was. Amazing. In person.  Seriously, so super nice – especially when I told him I was freaking out a little bit (he took my hands and assured me we’d get through it together), he wrote something different on all my autographs (which I really appreciate) and we had a quick chat about how awesome Degrassi is.

He was also my first photo of the day on Sunday so about an hour after my autographs, I was in the line for my photo with him:


Where he continued to be a fucking rock star.

If you’re a fan of his and ever get the opportunity to meet this guy: DO IT.  Convention MVP right there.

Other highlights of the weekend:

Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan being incredibly impressed that I owned a cinema quad poster for Much Ado About Nothing (which I had Alexis sign since I plan to have it framed and put up in my living room anyway), Joe Dinicol getting excited that I had brought my L.A. Complex DVD box set to get signed (earned me a high five), Dean Cain was a fun guest to chat to – I asked him about his time on Beverly Hills 90210 and we chatted about his costume envy of his Superman costume vs Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl costume, Alan Tudyk advising me on my chances of completing my Firefly box set signatures collection (Gina is gonna be tough to get), seeing Mads Mikkelson in person to have me Hannibal Blu Ray signed – he’s very handsome in real life, Adam Copeland (WWE’s Edge) is also pretty easy on the eyes (and very lovely) and Tricia Helfer was pretty darn delightful as well (turns out she too is a cat person).

I will leave you with a collection of me looking like a potato in my other con photos!


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