Current Obsession: My Favorite Murder Podcast

Do you love true crime?  Well, I love true crime.  I have always been fascinated bymfm_10 stories, documentaries, docu-series, podcasts, made for TV movies etc., etc.

After listening to Serial, the You Must Remember This series on Charles Manson’s Hollywood, Accused, Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?, In the Dark, Someone Knows Something and Crimetown, I needed a new true crime podcast to add to the list while I wait for new seasons of some of those shows.  I’m fairly certain MFM was talked about in one of the other podcasts, as an advert maybe?  I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled across this gem, but I’m glad I did.

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, these ladies LOVE murder.  They are equally as morbidly fascinated (if not more) as I am and it’s amazing.  Every episode they each take a turn telling the story of their favorite murder as well as reading listener emails on their hometown murders.  I get so excited when I see my auto download popping up every week cuz that means I get something awesome (and awful – I mean, people died!) to listen to on the way home from work.  I’ve heard about all kinds of crazy murders and murderers I’ve never heard of before, which is FASCINATING, and Georgia and Karen add some really funny commentary and observations to these stories.  If you are looking for another true crime podcast and haven’t given this a try, go for it!

This is one proud murderino signing off and reminding you all: Stay sexy.  Don’t get murdered.


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